Twitter WordPress Plugin

Want a plugin bringing Twitter and WordPress together? (aka Twitter WordPress plugin)

Tweet&Get It is THE Twitter WordPress plugin!

Good news, you're on the right page for a Twitter WordPress plugin! Tweet&Get It is incredibly effective and if you're already offering files for download on your WordPress blog, this page has literally been made for you! Here's why:

Our Twitter for Wordpress plugin works hand in hand with Twitter. First, you install the plugin on your blog (no wonder it's called a Twitter WordPress plugin). This generates a button (you can install as many as you want). You upload a file of your choice for every button you create and you assign a tweet to each button. Then, for every download on your WordPress blog, you'll get a new Twitter follower and a promotional tweet.

To say things plainly, we give you the chance to make the most out of Twitter and WordPress together in on Twitter WordPress plugin. Don't you worry, it's all free, it won't cost you anything. You'll be drawn to fame without even noticing it, all thanks to the combined power of those two powerful tools in our Twitter Wordpress Plugin