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Have you tried our Twitter to Wordpress plugin yet?

Are you :

  • a game freak who offers game downloads for free?
  • an ebook writer who provides some ebooks or whitepapers?
  • in need for a revolutionary Twitter to WordPress plugin?

No matter what your content blog is, our Tweet & Get it twitter to Wordpress plugin will enable you to get daily Twitter followers with your blog files.

Here's how our plugin works: You will obtain one new Twitter follower, as well as one tweet for each new file download. Twitter to WordPress plugin Tweet&Get It is surprisingly easy to set up. The user will have to follow your Twitter account and send your tweet in order access the file from your blog.

If you have 100 downloads per day, you will get 100 new twitter followers!

That's how our twitter to Wordpress plugin will work on your blog!

Download the Wordpress Plugin

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