Twitter For Wordpress

Are you a WordPress user? Of course you are!

Are you a Twitter user? Just as obvious as the above!

Then you need this Twitter for WordPress plugin

You've found THE place to be, the place where we give you the opportunity to combine the power of WordPress and Twitter to promote your activity. Thanks to our Twitter for Wordpress button type plugin, you pick your coolest file (or files because you can actually install as many buttons as you want) and upload it. Then, you set up a tweet for each button you've installed (it will be sent simultaneously to the download) and you're good to go; it's no rocket science, see? Only the best Twitter for Wordpress plugin!

For each and every download on your WordPress blog, you'll get a new Twitter follower. You've been waiting way too long for this breakthrough, time to step up and install our Twitter for WordPress solution.
Twitter for WordPress plugin Tweet&Get It is free and tremendously efficient!