Top Wordpress Plugins

Would you like to have a top Wordpress plugin?

Are you :

  • a member of a top music band who is allowing fans to grab mp3 files online?
  • a designer who is designing wallpapers which are shared through a website?
  • a drawer who is creating artworks WordPress blog visitors can download?
  • Then you need a top WordPress plugin

The above examples are only few of the many files you can share with our top Wordpress plugins.

You can share any file type with your WordPress website visitors through our WordPress plugin.

The plugin Tweet & Get it enables you to create a download button which will hold the file you want to share on your website. In order to get that file, the user will have to follow your Twitter account and send a tweet, that you've set up beforehand.

Download our top Wordpress plugin now! It will enable you to get more followers for your WordPress blog by sharing your top files.