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Tweet & Get it, top plugins for Wordpress blog?

Are you :

  • a computer nerd who is offering various plugins, hacks, softwares, tips and tricks on a blog?
  • a designer who is making webdesigns that are giving away?

No matter what you are,

Our top plugins Wordpress will help you monetize your blog content.

You can also share PDFs, music, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, microsoft office documents, photos and much more with our top plugins for Wordpress.

Our WP plugin can be used no matter what file type you wish to share on your blog - it is all up to you! Just make your download button with our top plugins for Wordpress and put it on your posts, pages or widgets. You'll get a twitter follower and a tweet with each new download. In order to access the file you're sharing, the user has to follow your Twitter account and send a tweet that has been defined by you when creating your download button. What a great way of growing your Twitter followers and promoting your blog content!

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