You want more followers on twitter

Do you want more followers on twitter?

Are you :

  • a tech blogger who writes posts on tech problems and offer some downloads to fix them?
  • an expert who wants to promote a whitepaper to share expertise on a particular topic?
  • a photographer who is showcasing photos on a personal blog?

Why not get more out of your blog content then?

If you want more followers on twitter , all you need to do is download our free and handy Wordpress plugin. Get promoted through your audience's Twitter accounts and gain a new follower with each download from your blog.

How does the button work? To access the file you made available for download, the user has to follow your Twitter account and send a tweet that has been set up by you beforehand.

It's as simple as it sounds!
Do you want to know more about how to get more followers if you want more followers on twitter?

Download the Wordpress Plugin

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