I want more followers

"I want more followers!"
It's a great way of promoting your website.

Are you:

  • a musician who has a band and a website where fans can download songs?
  • a painter who has some paintings or other artwork to promote?
  • a photographer who owns a tech support site where patches, fixes, software or else are provided?

If you want more Twitter followers, the only thing you need to do is share your content with your users and let the plugin work its magic.

No need to say "I want more followers on Twitter"!

The concept of our Wordpress plugin: users who want to access the download of your file must priorly accept to follow your Twitter account and to send a previously defined tweet to their followers.

You'll get one new follower with each download. Better! You'll get one relevant follower with each download! Why are those followers relevant? The users who are going to download your files are part of your target audience, ie, relevant followers. Forget about "I want more followers" and get used to more followers want me!

Download our Wordpress Plugin to get more followers

Download the Wordpress Plugin

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