I want more followers on twitter

Have you ever thought "I want more followers on twitter"?

Are you:

  • a musician who has a blog where you share your playlists?
  • a cooker who shares some recipes?
  • a cinema lover who posts movies into downloads?

Do you make any of those files available for download? Have you ever said to yourself "I want more followers on twitter" ?Whatever blog content you share, why not share it through our Wordpress plugin?

"I want more followers on twitter"is not going to be your daily mantra anymore!

The idea behind our simple and effective plugin is that, with every blog content you share, you'll get a new follower in return. In order to download a file, the user has to follow your Twitter account and send a tweet (set up by you).

This technique is a great way of getting relevant Twitter followers and monetising your blog content. Let our plugin surprise you!

Download the Wordpress Plugin

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