Get Followers

How can you get followers on Twitter for your website?

If you are a :

  • developer who offers software downloads ?
  • musician who provides some music content through your website ?
  • photographer with an online portfolio where users can download your pictures for free?
  • marketing manager : Can users download free ebooks or PDFs from your website?
  • ambitious, get followers with Tweet&Get it for instant success!
  • Time to get followers!

None of the above? Don't worry, our free Wordpress plugin works for any website that shares any content and helps you get followers.

The setup of the plugin is soo easy!
Want to get followers for your Twitter account while sharing your files?

Here's how: People who download your free files will follow your Twitter account and tweet a message you've priorly written to gain access to the file. It means you'll get followers with each file download!

Download the Wordpress Plugin

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