1. What is the Tweet & Get it Button?

    You’ll be able to offer files as downloads on your wordpress site with the Tweet & Get it Button.
    You can create all the buttons you need and insert them into your posts, pages and widgets.
    These “download” buttons will enable users to download your files, in exchange for a promotional tweet and a Twitter follow. You’ll gain a new Twitter follower with each download!

  2. Which type of files can I share via my Tweet & Get it buttons ?

    Tweet & Get it ! allows you to share content such as :
    Music, Documents, Promotional Codes, Coupons, Ebooks, Photos, Wallpapers, Typography, CMS Themes, Videos, Software, Tutorials, Web Resources, Icons, PSD brushes ...
    There is no restriction regarding which file types you can share. The maximum weight of the file is set in your server configuration (max_upload_size in your php.ini file). Contact your server admin if you want to increase your maximum upload size.

  3. How many buttons can I create ?

    You can create as many buttons as you want.

  4. Is it possible to use a different Twitter account per button ?

    Yes, of course

  5. Is it possible to configure a different promotional Tweet per button ?

    Yes, of course !

  6. Can I use this button other than in Worpress ?

    As for now, the button is only available for WordPress. However, our team is currently working on making the Tweet & Get it button available for any type of website.

  7. Is there an unbranded version of the plugin ?

    No there isn’t. Our plugin is 100% free and therefore the only thing we ask is our copyright in exchange for the plugin.

  8. Is it possible to provide a file via an URL that’s external to my WordPress site ?

    It is indeed possible. You can upload a file from your hard drive or just give the URL of your file’s location.

  9. What are the system requirements for the Tweet & Get it button to work properly ?

    -Wordpress 2.5 or higher. The plugin is also ready for wordpress 3.1 :)
    -PHP 5
    -SAFE mode on your server system has to be turned off

  10. I can’t upload my file, what now?

    Check if Safe Mode is OFF in your server configuration. If you can’t turn it off or if you don’t want to mess with it, you can create a tweetandgetit folder manually in your WordPress Uploads.
    The folder has to be created with 777 chmod permission. Now you should be able to create your Tweet&Get it buttons!

  11. Safe mode is OFF but I still can’t upload my files. What can I do ?

    Check if there’s a folder called Uploads in your WordPress blog. http://myblog/wp-content/uploads/
    If this folder doesn’t exist you have to give the wp-content folder 777 permission, so that the Tweet & Get it plugin can create the uploads folder it needs.

  12. Need some tech support?

    You can write an email to support@tweetandgetit.com . Note that we can’t give you any time limits for our respones. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible though.
    Meanwhile, we suggest you check our bug Tracker to see if your question hasn’t already been asked or just simply create a new ticket. http://tweetandgetit.com/support

  13. Is Tweet & Get it entirely free ?

    Yes, Tweet & Get it ! is a 100% free service.