About Tweet&Get it !

Tweet & Get it ! is a new WordPress plugin imagined, designed and created by Viuu.co.uk.
Created in 2003, WordPress has now become an essential CMS and blogging script. Whether you are a company, a web agency, a freelancer, a writer, a designer, an illustrator, a journalist, an artist … you can all use WordPress.

Our thought came up with the discovery that many of you offer freely downloadable files without asking for anything in return. Music, documents, drawings, icons, software, frameworks …
Wish to get your work out there and noticed? How about increasing your daily website visits?

Tweet&Get it ! is a button type plugin, which will help you promote your blog or WordPress CMS via Twitter by offering a simple download solution to your visitors.
Upload your files and share them in exchange for a promotional tweet and a Twitter follow. You will get a new follower with every download!