Download Tweet&Get it ! A new free WordPress Plugin

Tweet&Get it! is an automatic process to get Twitter followers in exchange for a downloadable file

Tweet&Get it! is seriously recommended to share content such as :Music, Ebooks, Photos, Wallpapers, Promotional Codes, Coupons, Typography, CMS Themes, Videos, Software, Tutorials, Web Ressources, Icons, PSD Brushes … .

Get a new Follower with each download !!

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Localized for translations

Tweet & Get it ! is now available in English, French and German. You can translate the plugin by yourself and contribute to Tweet&Get it ! by submitting us your translated files !

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-> Wordpress 2.8 or higher.
The plugin is also ready for Wordpress 3.1
-> PHP 5+
-> SAFE mode on your server system has to be turned off


-> Create as many buttons as you need
-> Set up a Tweet for each button
-> Set up a Twitter account for each button
-> Get a shortcode for each button

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-> How to install the plugin ?
-> FAQ
-> Free Support

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